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100% Live, Online, Highly Engaging & Collaborative Private Classes

classrx all subjects at all levels of study

All Subjects at All Levels

of Study

Tutors from Top Tier USA & UK Univ & Institutions

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1-To-1 sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience & availability, Group Classes are scheduled for every weekday & weekend

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Our depth of knowledge, experience & resources in helping students is unparalleled. We offer a personalised support with every aspect of academic requirements.  Bespoke preparation for standardised tests for Top US/UK Schools & University Admissions. 

Live Instructor

Lessons are tutored by live experts online. Not by boring pre-recorded audio/videos clips, apps or by robots.

1-To-1 & Group Online Classes

Choose between 1-To-1 & Group Online Classes & fast track your learning.

Our Framework

Learn From The Comfort of Your Home!

Unique Learning Model

Our instructional model is based upon custom-designed interdisciplinary project-based curriculum, identifying opportunities across different subjects.  

Fun & Easy Learning

A fun & productive way to enrich your knowledge. We make it both fun & easy for young aspiring leaders to enrich their knowledge in all subjects.

Convenient & Dynamic

Learning journeys are designed & mapped to a student's grade & syllabus. Classes can be taken anywhere in the world scheduled at your convenience in a friendly, safe & secure online platform.

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