15 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Learning computer programming presents many advantages that not only help in the formative years of a kids growth & development but also prove to be a great advantage in adult life.

Programming instils diverse lifelong skills in your child, such as creativity, logical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, an improvement in social skill and the necessary groundwork to get their first job. Also, it's an excellent life-changing hobby, which can turn into a successful career.

There are a few ways that coding can be leant; attend classes, use an online video from YouTube or get online private tuition from a provider such as ClassRx.

There are many reasons why online private tuition is preferable to classroom tuition and many of these reasons are highlighted in an article entitled: “Five Benefits of Online Courses versus a Traditional Classroom”. Another benefit of online private tuition is that your kid can go at his/her own pace and not be subjected to a ridged classroom timetable and pace of learning which always results in some kids being left behind and confused as the next topic is introduced.

What Exactly is Programming aka Coding?

In its simplest form, coding is writing a computer program that performs a particular function – such as ringing a mobile phone when a call comes in and bringing up the caller’s details on the screen. Without coding, this cannot happen.

There are a number of different coding formats or ways of coding a program. There are different programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS etc. Examples of the latter two can easily be seen by looking at a web page and right-click on the mouse and select “Inspect” (for Microsoft Edge web pages). Coding for all of these programming languages is available from ClassRx.

Coding teaches kids how to work things out logically in a step-by-step process. Tutors are allocated from a pool of qualified professionals from the top US and UK universities and other professional bodies. Tutor allocation is automatically carried out so that your kid gets the best tutor depending on your kid’s capabilities and existing knowledge.

Students work with their tutor at their own pace and a one-on-one session is allocated at a convenient recurring time each week so your kid can get the personal attention needed to progress. There is no set pace and your kid can progress at a fast or a slow pace as her/she wants – unlike a classroom environment where all kids are dragged through the curriculum all at the same pace and many cannot keep up and end up not liking the subject.

ClassRx has a custom online tutoring platform that also has a whiteboard facility, allows document sharing and provides kids with feedback from the tutor. There are periodic mock tests and assignments to check on the kids’ progress after which the tutors can provide any necessary guidance to help the kids with their coding skills.

Many people that have earnt coding at a young age have made a very successful career using their knowledge. Coding helped Bill Gates get his first contract and he then went on to form Microsoft. Not everyone will have the same success as Bill Gates, but coding can certainly give a kid a step on the ladder to success.

Main Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Below are 15 reasons why kids should learn coding and many of the reasons are inter-related. As an example, by learning to code helps with creativity which in turn will help with problem-solving – and in turn, will help pass entrance exams to the top private schools and universities and should eventually result in a lucrative career path.

1. Provides a Competitive Advantage

When it comes to picking someone for a role, the person that is proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Python will have an advantage over the competition even if the role being applied for is not coding related. Knowing how to code means that you have a logical and analytical mind.

2. Gives A Better Understanding of Technology Today

Computers, mobile phones, keyboards and digital watches all use coding so they can work effectively. Learning to code means your kid can gain an understanding of the technology and how it functions which results in an understanding of any new technical device that may come on the market.

3. Improves Creativity

Coding requires creativity in order to make the computers, mobile phones and all other technology perform tasks in an efficient manner. There are a number of ways to design code – some can be efficient and others not so. As an example, writing 50 lines of code or 20 lines of code to perform a specific function is quite possible. Writing the 20 lines of code is creative and this code efficiency can be taught and understood and will have the added benefit of improving overall creativity in other areas.

4. Develops Problem Solving Skills

Coding teaches you how to solve problems in an organised manner. There are many ways to solve a problem and when learning to code, problems can be broken down into small elements making it easier to find the solution. Kids will then be able to solve any problems in an organised and effective manner which can be applied to problems that occur in later life.

5. Develops People Skills / Helps Others

If you are a coder, you are able to help others with their problems, not only in coding but in other areas. Kids will be able to provide a possible solution to other people’s problems as they will have learnt how to look at issues logically and break them down into easily understood parts.

6. Improves Persistence

Coding has to be learnt and different ways of solving the problem need to be tried. Trying different ways to code to find the optimum solution requires persistence. After a while, the benefit of persistence will be that the optimum way to code a problem will be obvious.

7. Improves Collaboration and Cooperation

There are many games that require collaboration (such as Minecraft). Coding for such games requires collaboration and cooperation with others. Some coding problems require collaboration with a team of coders with each coding a separate part. Coding improves collaboration in other areas as well.

8. Helps with Writing Skills

Coding requires an understanding of planning and organisation which are also basic requirements when writing a letter, essay or even a book. So, learning to code will result in an improvement in writing skills and organised thought.

9. Helps with Language Learning

Learning to code is like learning another language as coding requires knowledge of structure, rules and new terms. Learning a new language similarly has new words, a new structure and rules, so learning coding will give a boost to learning any new language. In fact, coding has a language of its own with all coding being designed to speak to computers, mobile phones and all other technology to give these devices the instructions they need to operate.

10. Improves Maths Skills

It goes without saying that when learning how to code, improves kid’s maths skills as not only does coding include instructions on how to code mathematical functions, but also how to visualise a problem and turn it into simple mathematical steps. This mathematical background will help with the understanding of maths problems throughout a kid’s career whether in school, university or in working life.

11. Improves Confidence

Learning to code gives you the confidence to tackle problems and break them down into manageable parts. Confidence results in kids having a clear-headed approach to tackle whatever comes along.

12. Improves Logical Thinking Skills

Learning to code teaches you how to think logically and break down problems into small parts. Logical thinking can help solve problems and work out how to tackle any issues that may come along.

13. Develops Resilience

When learning to code, it could be that your coding does not produce the desired results and means that you must start again using a different way of solving the coding problem. This teaches resilience which is the way to recover from a difficult situation.

14. Helps with Jobs and Careers

Programmers are in demand. Every company needs coders whether it is banking, finance, logistics or IT industries. Even fast-food places like McDonald's need coders as they have touch screens that a customer uses to place an order and make a payment and all this requires coding. Learning to code means job choices and a great career.

15. Develops Social Skills

Learning to code improves social skills because as part of coding is collaborating with others on coding projects using written communication and conversation. There are many ways to communicate when writing and talking and kids will learn how to express themselves to get the best results.


In summary, kids learning how to code provides them with many advantages now and in their future careers. Learning coding in a fixed and rigid classroom environment has many disadvantages and in this environment, many kids get left behind and give up the subject totally. It has been shown that the best method for your kid to learn coding is to use an online tutoring method so that kids can learn at their own pace and not be subjected to a fixed and rigid timetable. ClassRx has tutors from all the top universities and professional bodies and has a proven method of helping kids learn different coding languages, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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