5 Top Tips to Empower Young STEM Leaders

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is at the heart of educational revolution transforming our society and work. These four core subjects play an essential part in developing thriving economies, innovative technologies and of course, leaders.

At ClassRx, we provide outstanding, bespoke, safe, online STEM tuition to promote growth and development for young STEM leaders; both academically and emotionally. We work collaboratively with parents to promote and empower our students. We aim to assist learners to achieve their goals and prepare them for an incredible future.

As we all know STEM learning has the potential to produce successful, well-rounded leaders ready for a variety of career pathways. Throughout this article we will explore how parents & tutors can empower young STEM leaders collaboratively;

  1. Working collaboratively; Online tutors and parents to endorse and inspire learning

  2. The promotion of self- efficacy and other ‘soft’ skills, throughout learning

  3. Parents assisting in the retention of learning after tuition ends, such as learning themselves

  4. Empowering STEM leaders through safe online tutoring, developing trust and respect

  5. Reducing practical issues with virtual classes – all you need is right at home!

1- Working together collaboratively

At ClassRx, we empower our students through 100% live, online private tuition. We know that parental input is crucial in promoting and empowering young leaders. We work with parents to do so. We dispel common myths some may have about the online tutoring, to ensure parents are completely happy in the knowledge their child is receiving the best quality tutoring possible.

We ensure top quality bespoke 1:1 learning through our team of qualified and dedicated tutors. It’s also worth mentioning that our tutors have graduated from some of the top Universities in the world including; Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League. You can see a full list of where our tutors have graduated from by heading to our STEM tutors page.

Parents are encouraged to be inquisitive and ask children what they’ve learned. Did you know learners retain around 90% of what they learn if they teach it someone else? Getting your child to help you understand can be beneficial in retaining their learning as well as promoting their self-esteem and confidence.

Needless to say, STEM learners who are assisted by proactive parents and valuable online tutoring are well equipped to get into the country’s most prestigious universities. In turn, graduation from the world's top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy-League go on to have secure and successful employment, as well as an exciting, incredible and life long career.

2- The promotion of self- efficacy and other ‘soft’ skills

STEM learners develop more than just academic skills and qualifications. With STEM learning, students improve their problem-solving skills, ability to make good decisions as well as enhancing leadership qualities.

STEM learning enforced with positive praise from both parents and tutors can promote young leader’s self-esteem, happiness and overall wellbeing. Studies on praise suggest the brain responds to both social approval and monetary rewards in a similar way (Bhangi and Delgado 2015).

Being told you’ve done something well can be beneficial if done in the right way. For instance, certain exclamations or positive gestures, like saying “wow” or putting your hand up for a “high five” can play an important role in encouraging and motivating children to try again, thus increasing their resilience and empowering them.

Moreover, through STEM education comes self-efficacy; the notion that your confidence in your ability determines your ability to complete a task. As we all know science, technology, engineering and maths include a high number of problem-solving scenarios, which naturally include a level of self-efficacy. Research by Bandurs and Loke (2003) concluded individuals with high STEM self- efficacy perform and persist longer in such disciplines compared to those with lower self- efficacy.

At ClassRx, our online, 1:1 tutoring promotes critical thinking, creativity and most importantly the acceptance of failure. Learning how to deal with mistakes or hurdles can successfully promote self-efficacy.

3- Parents assisting in the retention of learning after tuition ends

We know every single parent wants the best for their child and will be open to different ways to empower them in doing so. A particularly relevant piece of research by Milner-Bolotin and Marotto (2018) suggested several effective ways that parents can empower their young STEM leaders. Firstly, they found that when parents engaged in some level of STEM learning, their STEM children were more likely to say they wanted to become scientists than the control group. So parents, get learning! .

Parents can themselves join some of our programming language classes and develop their own skillset. for example: we run Python, Java, C++, Data Science and Machine learning classes for adults too.

Naturally, they also found that parents who engaged in activities such as assisting with homework and engaging in extracurricular STEM- activities promoted outcomes.

Zan (2016) also found that the earlier the exposure to STEM learning, the more likely the learner would be interested in a STEM future… so start them young, take them to museums, inspire them with science and technology trips!

4- Empowering STEM leaders through safe online tutoring

Parent’s ability to empower young STEM leaders also relies on the quality, consistency, security and delivery of lessons from tutors. Research frequently shows the safer a student feels, the better they learn. With this in mind, it is imperative learners are educated in a safe, trusting and secure environment to achieve the best outcomes. Communication between parents, online tutors and students are vital in ensuring young learners are receiving consistent, positive praise and challenges.

For us student and tutor safety are our absolute priority. To ensure all students are taught in a safe and secure environment, every single tutor is required to pass the enhanced disclosing and barring service (DBS) check. Besides, they are subject to rigorous interviews and vetting processes before they are allowed to tutor anyone on the platform. All of our sessions are recorded, to offer peace of mind to parents.

We do not tolerate bullying, bad language, abuse, inappropriate questions or images, from anyone. You can rest assured your young STEM learner will receive the utmost care, consideration and respect. Empowering them with knowing the right way to be treated.

5- Reducing practical issues with flexible tuition

Classrx lessons are 100% online, which provides many advantages, to both tutors, parents and students themselves. Virtual classrooms are becoming more popular as technology becomes the ‘norm’, especially for the children and young people of the 21st century.

Online tutoring prevents students arriving late due to practical issues such as getting stuck in school traffic, or parents starting up the car only to realise their partner left the fuel on red. Learning from home makes it very difficult for students to arrive in class only to realise they’ve left their course resources or equipment on their bedroom desk! Online learning is practically easy,

Parents can empower their children by promoting and utilising flexible tuition on offer.

STEM learners have an extremely exciting and bright future ahead. Education within the field of STEM allows learners to explore several extraordinary career pathways; from working in geoscience to being part of space exploration. The SpaceX launch of Crew Dragon in May 2020, for example, is one of the incredible pathways that STEM learners could get into, leading the way for new space missions in the future. Our tutoring can support your child get there.

In summary, parents can support and empower STEM learners by actively engaging in their STEM learning, involving STEM subjects and interests into everyday life from early years, including visits to museums and STEM-related events, asking children to teach them as well as positive praise and promotion of their children’s resilience. The more parents can do to promote STEM the more responsive and empowered their child will feel.

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