ClassRx: 10 Common Myths About Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has become increasingly popular, but some parents still have reservations about it.

To help ease your worries, ClassRx – who provide online private tutors from some of the world’s most distinguished institutions – dispel ten of the most common myths.

There could be several reasons why you’re considering an online tutor for your child – maybe they need a bit of extra help on a certain subject, maybe you want them to build their confidence or perhaps they need more of a challenge.

Whatever the reason, you may be overwhelmed of signing them up due to a few things you’ve read, but ClassRx is here to bust these myths and show you online lessons are the way forward.

  • Children won’t get distracted on the internet while having online tutor sessions – 57 percent of them use technology to learn new things every day, so it plays to their strengths;

  • Online tutoring isn’t dangerous – all tutors face a thorough background check and all sessions are recorded to ensure constant safety;

  • Learning online isn’t an inconvenience, as your child can learn in the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them;

  • Contrary to the myth, having a dedicated tutor builds a student’s confidence and allows them to ask questions they feel they can’t in the classroom;

  • One-on-one tutoring isn’t isolating, it provides the tailored feedback and support that classroom teaching struggles to replicate.

Myth 1). Online tutoring limits social interaction

One concern you may have is that having online tutorials will be socially isolating – can students thrive learning alone in front of a computer screen?

At ClassRx, interactivity is the pinnacle of our online lessons. We ensure that students learn in an engaging, communicative environment, where we encourage tutees to discuss their work and challenge them to engage, apply and externalise content.

Discussion ensures students learn and thrive in an atmosphere as vibrant as face-to-face lessons. Tutees are encouraged to ask questions and challenge ideas, while our tutors provide real-time feedback and guidance.

Online learning offers an exciting, more diverse alternative to classroom tutoring – your student has the chance to learn from a tutor in a different part of the world, with refreshing new perspectives and teaching methods.

Furthermore, we ensure that students are matched with a tutor that is right for them. Our tutees go through multiple consultations before we decide upon an instructor that not only meets their academic needs but will make your child feel comfortable.

Myth 2). Our kids will get distracted by the technology

Technology has become second nature to kids – a recent study has revealed that over 69 per cent of children have a smartphone by aged 12. It also stated that most eight-to-18-year-olds spent nearly eight hours a day on their digital devices.

Let’s be honest, your children are probably using a smartphone or iPad right now, so why not incorporate the items they know and love into their education?

There is a worry, however, that signing their kids up to online lessons will be a fruitless exercise, namely because their children will get easily distracted on their iPads or laptops.

The opposite is true.

There is evidence to show that students improve their engagement and confidence as a result of having access to a virtual tutor. Furthermore, 57 per cent of children say they use digital learning tools to learn every day.

ClassRx’s tutor sessions are designed to be fun and dynamic, with features including an online whiteboard that takes up the full screen and becomes the student’s core focus.

Myth 3). It’s not safe for our kids

One concern you may have about online tutoring is the safety of your children. However, at ClassRx, we are extra vigilant in ensuring students can learn in a secure environment.

All of our tutors are fully vetted, background checked and interviewed before they are allowed to tutor anyone on the platform. Furthermore, all of our sessions are recorded.

We will not tolerate bullying, bad language, abuse, inappropriate questions or images, and anyone found to be threatening the safety of our students will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Our sessions also incorporate a secured document sharing system to ensure information is exchanged safely.

Myth 4). The tutors aren’t as qualified as ‘real’ teachers

You know that that the teachers your child has at school have the relevant qualifications, but when it comes to learning with a tutor online, some parents are concerned that the attributes needed are a lot less stringent.

At ClassRx, we only accept the best, meaning your children will receive incredible STEM learning – that’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics - from esteemed professionals.

Our tutors come from some of the world’s most eminent and celebrated institutions, including University of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Princeton, Pennsylvania, UCLA, Cornell, Berkeley, NYU, Michigan, Toronto, Columbia, Imperial college london, California Institute of Technology, London School of Economics, UCL, National University of Singapore etc.

All of our tutors are highly qualified with an admirable combination of real-world experience and academic knowledge.

Myth 5). Online learning doesn’t build their confidence

Having a virtual tutor is quite different from sitting in a classroom with thirty other students, but that’s the point.

Learning in a classroom can be intimidating – surely you remember that horrible feeling when everyone else in the class seemed to know the answer, but you were struggling?

Online learning strips away the fear and apprehension that some students may feel when they step into a classroom, as they get to learn somewhere where they are comfortable and have the computer screen as a safety net.

Our online tutor sessions give your children the chance to ask any questions they have without worrying about being judged and lessens the pressure of feeling like they have to understand everything immediately.

It will also aid students’ progress in class, with reports showing that students who build up their confidence via online learning begin asking more questions in the classroom.

Myth 6). One-on-one learning isn’t the same as being in a classroom

The teachers your child has at school will no doubt do a fantastic job, but with twenty or thirty kids to attend to, how does every pupil get the help they need?

Having a one-on-one lesson with a tutor means your child can get tailored support and individualised attention.

Furthermore, ClassRx’s tutors provide personalised, well-defined feedback on your child’s progress regularly.

Plus, recent studies have proven that tutoring sessions that are coordinated to the student’s school curriculum provide a real benefit to their education.

ClassRx tutoring sessions always create a learning path that is the most relevant for the student, taking account of what they learn at school and what they might need extra help on.

Myth 7). You can’t form a connection with a virtual tutor

Over time, kids learn to respect their teachers and credit them for helping mould them into hard-working professionals.

A common concern from parents is that those same bonds are non-existent in online tutorials. After all, the tutor could be in a different corner of the globe and their interactions happen virtually rather than in person.

However, ClassRx’s use of contemporary adaptive technology, personalised teaching and supportive feedback means your child will quickly form a productive rapport with one of our specially selected tutors.

With studies showing tutors can help students more if they understand their life circumstances, ClassRx ensures that our educators build a rewarding relationship that yields long-term benefits.

Your child will have access to inspirational academics and great role models, and the personalised nature of our tutorials means they quickly build trust.

Myth 8). Tutors just give kids the answers

A common misconception concerning tutors is that they just sit there and tell their students the answers, without any extensive support or guidance.

ClassRx’s tutors fully understand that simply providing the answer is not helpful – instead, they set weekly assignments, mock exams, quizzes and instigate lively discussions to give students the immersive learning environment they need.

As a result of tutoring, students’ grades often improve, particularly in STEM subjects such as mathematics, where students who’ve been tutored are expected to earn an average 0.4 of a grade higher than those who haven’t.

Myth 9). They don’t teach children anything important

When your child has an online tutoring session, there’s a fear that they might be spending half an hour absorbing information that will be of no use to their studies or their future.

ClassRx, however, focuses solely on STEM learning. STEM subjects are invaluable to a child’s progress – it prepares them to move into a variety of industries and harbours hands-on learning with a real-world focus.

Being STEM-educated produces further benefits later in life. STEM workers earn 26 per cent more than those without a STEM background and are 17 per cent more likely to enjoy better job progression.

Myth 10). Having online lessons isn’t convenient

Another myth we need to dispel is around the convenience of online lessons. You might have heard it can be a bit of a bothersome affair – what if the signal cuts out? What if the technology is too hard to use?

However, the benefits of having a virtual tutor as opposed to a real-life one are numerous.

For a start, you can cut out the stressful journey times you’d need to do to drop your child off at their tutor’s house.

Even if you’ve found a tutor that does home visits, you’d still have to adhere to a set time and date.

ClassRx’s tutoring sessions can also be scheduled for a convenient time during any day of the week. Furthermore, you have the option to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session at no extra cost to you (as long as you provide 24 hours’ notice).

More info can be found via our FAQs section.

Tutoring support in essential subjects

So now we’ve dispelled the most common myths surrounding online tutoring, it’s time to choose the right agency.

ClassRx’s focus on the fastest-growing and most important subjects on the curriculum – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – means your child will gain confidence, knowledge and skills that will aid them both in the classroom and their future career.

Our experienced and esteemed tutors have taught at some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and are thoroughly vetted to ensure safety at all times.

Furthermore, our flexibility ensures that your child can learn at a time that suits them, all from a place where they feel most comfortable.

Interested in finding out more about our online tutoring options? Get in touch and we will respond within 24 hours.