Complete Overview of USA School Admission Tests

If studying in the USA is your dream, you've come to the right place.

Choosing a great school for your kid is one of the biggest decision a young family faces. It's crucial to understand the subtleties of school admission test framework. As regards assessing your skills and achievements, there's more to it than just the standardised tests. School admission standardised tests for students vary in their scope and purpose. Before you apply to your dream school, get to know the school admission tests.

With this comprehensive overview, you'll learn about:

  1. Why admission tests are important;

  2. What you can expect of entrance tests;

  3. Who should take the entrance exams;

  4. Characterization of exam types;

  5. How to prepare;

Only once you know your way around the types of exams can you come up with a preparation plan. In the US, you'll find over 100 standardized tests used for the school admission process. We'll cover some of the most important entrance exams and answer your questions.

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Why Should You Take an Admission Test?

As some studies show, basic standardized tests are one of the main factors that schools take into consideration during the admissions process. The exam system has been a part of public debate for years now. Some point out to their dependence on parental education or income, accusing them of bias. Still, they're of considerable importance despite voices of protest. Results from entrance exams can give schools (especially private, independent and/or Catholic schools) an overview of student's quantitative and qualitative abilities.

When deciding whether to take an entrance test, there's one more thing to consider. Not every entrance test is location-based or subject-specific, each school has its own set of criteria. Also, sitting an school admission test helps you to understand your academic level and helps the school to decide your kid's candidature.

Online private tutors can give a student a major head start when taking a school admission test. Not every school grants its pupils preparation to various entrance exams, and 1-to-1 teaching is no match for basic classes at school. W​hat is more, online tutoring breaks with every preconception about education. Because of the Internet, you can educate yourself and do your best at admission exams wherever you are. You no longer have to be an Oxford student to be taught by an Oxford scholar.

So which skills do standardized admission tests assess?

What Can You Expect?