FREE Meet A STEM Expert Event

ClassRx has launched “FREE Meet A STEM Expert” - a series of FREE online events for kids to inspire and boost their curiosity in the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The goal of these events is to provide a roadmap for future and to light up the spark of inspiration in children’s hearts and introduce them to the breathtaking world of science.

Each event is aimed at inspiring and igniting imaginations!

The idea is that our instinct for admiration is inextricably intertwined with the instinct for imitation. We tend to follow in the footsteps of the people we consider great or successful. By showing children the right role-models, we can inspire them to reach for the stars in the STEM fields and motivate them to strive for academic mastery.

Knowledge is Power

Only by unleashing the bottomless sources of passion can we hopelessly devote ourselves to a cause. Children doubtlessly need guidance on their road to finding what they really love. The STEM subjects are a noble pursuit that guarantees not only a personal sense of fulfillment and good grades but also a contribution to humanity as a whole.

In the recent past, great personas of the STEM fields have fascinated us with their genius. Revolutionary thinkers like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking have shaped the way we understand - or at least try to understand - reality and the universe surrounding us.

Contemporarily, our society is based on hundreds of years of pursuing sciences. The greatest inventions of the last few centuries defined how the world looks like - and works - today. The current leading minds in the STEM fields are engineers, lecturers, and scientists, who make the Earth a safer and more efficient place every day.

STEM and the Future

Unlike any other subject, the STEM fields create critical-thinking problem-solvers. Pursuing an academic career in maths or technology improves one’s logical thinking

along with making cause-and-effect connotations. Those are skills one may find useful not only in class.

In fact, seeing how far the scientific progress in the STEM fields has taken us so far, many suggest that technology and science will be the paramount subjects in students’ education in the nearest future. With the increase in automation of labour, despite the predicted decrease in overall employment opportunities, there will likely be a high demand for engineers, software developers, programmers, and roboticists.

With the right inspiration, students can excel at their near-future entry exams and admission tests. We look up to scientists and intellectuals for their exceptional minds. All these brilliant people that changed science - including Issac Newton and his physics’ laws or Thomas Edison and his outstanding inventions - have got but one thing in common. They all felt passion for STEM. They remain in our memories as those who defined the history of mankind.

Enhancing expertise in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is vital to promoting both the intellectual and economic development of a modern society.[1]

Reach for the Stars in STEM

The STEM fields have been the yardstick for human progress. Ever since we started cultivating the mind and reason, we’ve gone through a plethora of industrial revolutions and technological breakthroughs.

Through meeting today’s leaders in the STEM field - scientists, engineers, and lecturers - students may find within them the perfect combination of passion, curiosity, and motivation to become the next game-changers and study STEM.

In the foreseeable future, STEM subjects in education will play a crucial role. Not only will a STEM degree be more than favourable, but the great minds of science will take an active part in the shaping of the future world.

Had it not been enough, becoming a STEM leader promotes critical and logical thinking along with problem solving. These are soft skills useful not only in class, but also in everyday life.

Inaugural Event

The speaker of the first “Meet A STEM Expert” event will be Jean Monnet Professor Raphael Heffron, Chair of UK Global Energy Law and Sustainability, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts etc. The scholar has offered his advice and guidance to the UN, European Commission, World Bank, and a plethora of other think tanks. He will talk to the students about his experience and address their questions.

Today, the industry is looking for passionate people who will define the future of humanity. November 8th is the world STEM day. For this reason, ClassRx launches the first inaugural, free-of-cost event “Meet A STEM Expert.” This opportunity is driven out of commitment to changing the education field. Don’t miss the chance and book a place now.

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[1] Expertise in STEM Disciplines, David F. Feldon, Soojeong Jeong, and Joana Franco, The Oxford Handbook of Expertise