How has COVID-19 affected the USA university application process?

With standardised tests postponed and uncertainty surrounding university application processes, what does your child need to do to stand out and secure that all-important place at college?

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  1. SAT and ACT exams, previously the most important factors in college applications, have been indefinitely delayed, adding more importance to other aspects of your child’s experience; One such example is extracurricular activities, which will help your child’s application stand out from the crowd;

  2. The application market will become more and more congested due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning it’s vital your child enhances their application;

  3. ClassRx offer flexible, personalised online tutoring sessions to enhance your child’s essay writing and other skills;

  4. We also provide exciting courses in programming software that’ll help your child’s application shine.

How severely has COVID-19 impacted university admissions?

Deciding where to attend college can be a tough process for your child, but the COVID19 pandemic has created further complications. At the start of this year, your child would have been preparing to sit the standardised tests needed to help them secure a place at college.

For so long, SAT or ACT score has defined a student’s chances of getting into a good college. However, the coronavirus outbreak has meant the SAT, ACT and AP examinations have been postponed, leaving millions of students across the US in limbo.

However, even before the pandemic, many US institutions had embraced an ‘optional test’ policy, where less weight was placed upon these results. Likely, this trend will only increase now such results will be few and far between. Furthermore, the uncertainty surrounding international applications and deferrals from the class of 2020 will only make the admissions process more competitive.

What will my child’s college application need?

Despite the lack of core examinations, university admissions officers will still need a good predictor of your child’s first-year performance at college. Therefore, there will be a greater emphasis placed on an applicant’s high school grade point average (GPA) and academic rigour. Thus, ensuring your child remains on top of their studies and consistently achieving good grades is a must. However, there are other inventive ways your child will have to consider to stand out from the crowd.

“Students should view test-optional applications as giving them a choice on how they present themselves to a college, and many respond creatively with business proposals, artwork and other ideas,” says Peter Wilson, the deputy dean of admissions at the University of Chicago.

As well as being creative, it’s also important to ensure your child engages in some extracurricular activities. In the past, such pastimes have been one of the most important factors in a university application – a National Association of College Admission Counselling report cited extracurricular activities, immediately after academic achievement, as the most important factor in admissions decisions.However, with test results now impossible to obtain, the achievements your child accomplishes outside of school are more important to their college application than ever.

Keeping your child-focused

With the uncertainty surrounding when, or if, standardised tests are to take place, many students are already feeling the strain.

“It’s hard to stay motivated to study right now because I don’t know when I’m taking my exams, if at all,” said Evanston Township High School junior Ellie Gavelek in an interview with the Daily North Western.

The longer exams are pushed back, the more your child will struggle to stay focused on studying. So how can you keep them energised? At ClassRx, we offer online private tutoring that specialises in essential test preparation, including the SATs and ACT. Delivered by eminent academics from some of the US’s most distinguished institutions – including Harvard, MIT and Princeton – your child will receive personalised, tailored support modelled on the university application process.

Learning meaningful, industry-relevant skills

Aside from tests, however, your child will need a profile that stands out. ClassRx is here to make that possible. We offer immersive, exciting courses in a range of programming software, such as Python and Java, as well as web and app programming.

By honing their skills in these in-demand, rewarding programmes, your child will gain talents that will not only give them a unique USP on their application but will yield lifelong benefits. Choosing programming as your child’s extracurricular activity will show a commitment to learning something meaningful and related to multiple industries.

Secure, essential learning

Alongside learning a new skill, your child will need to ensure they remain on top of their existing talents. University admissions officers will still seek confident and well-crafted essay writing and a self-assured, well-presented interview.

ClassRx’s flexible, engaging tutoring will help your child sharpen their skills in the most essential subjects. Our custom online tutoring platform comes with an online whiteboard, secured document sharing, inbuilt tutee/tutor feedback system, periodic mock tests and assignments to gauge the tutee’s learning curve.

It’s time to stand out

To conclude, with standardised tests no longer being the focal point of the university application process, it’s time to think outside of the box. Learning programming will give your child a winning edge, providing them with a fun and immersive course that’ll help them in their professional careers.

Furthermore, there are a host of benefits to signing up to an online tutor – namely, our experienced and distinguished teachers will ensure your child progresses at a pace, time and place that suits them, giving your child the confidence and skills needed to stand out when it comes to securing a place at college.

Interested in helping your child enhance their college application? Get in touch to begin their learning journey.