Kids Learn How to Code First Time

You may not have heard of coding, or been aware of its importance in everyday life but in an age of increasing digitisation, it has become one of the most important subjects to study. Coding or programming is the language which a person uses to give instructions for a computer to follow. ClassRx is dedicated to highlighting the benefits of coding and showing why online teaching is the best method for getting your child on the road to a successful education in programming.

  • Coding is fast becoming one of the most popular subjects to study. Where once the learning of a foreign language was the norm, now the new language of choice is coding since it truly is a global language.

  • Both in the development and understanding of new technology coding is an essential subject for kids and adults to study.

  • ClassRx uses Scratch and ScratchJr Programming to introduce young students to coding.

  • With 54 million users worldwide, Scratch Programming is a visually fun-based coding language that gives students a real feel for the subject and allows them to solve puzzles, build games, create stories and mix media.

  • Online learning has grown considerably in popularity over the last few years

  • ClassRx offers the best way to start learning programming online, with secure and safe lessons, tutors from some of the world's top universities, constant feedback, regular assessments and personalised lessons to fit your child's needs.

What Are the Benefits of Learning to Code?

Since the whole world is run by or on computers, being able to code allows users to work in a wide variety of jobs, and is, therefore, an essential subject for both children and adults to learn. It will give you an idea of how the technology works, bring out your creative side and improve your critical thinking. With coding, the sky is the limit.

Although coding is a useful tool for people of any age, there are certain advantages to having your child start learning this subject as early as possible. You can read more about 15 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Coding in our previous blog. In short, coding is probably one of the best ways to develop problem-solving and logic skills earlier in your child. Learning new organisational skills will also refine a child's mathematical and language skills and this will improve their academic performance. It will also allow your child to learn an entirely new language, one which will be present in almost every aspect of everyday life. Perhaps, instead of your child being glued their iPad screen all day, a course in coding will help them to start thinking about the programming and processes behind their device.

What is Scratch and ScratchJr Programming?

In a nutshell, Scratch Programming offers anyone new to coding a simplified introduction to programming using visual and fun-based computing language. Reviews on commonsense show both parents and kids rating the programme highly with 4 out of 5 stars. Although Scratch and Scratch Jr Programming are both designed for students with little to no knowledge of coding, ScratchJr is designed for very young students at the beginning of their educational path and is focused more on using programming to create stories. Scratch is for slightly older students or adults and is focused on mixing media to create music and games.

ClassRX offers 1-to-1 or group classes in the following courses:

  1. ScratchJr > 4.5 Year to 7 Year

  2. Scratch Level I > 7 Year Onwards

  3. Scratch Level II > 8 Year Onwards

Scratch Programming allows students to gain a strong foundation in STEM-related subjects by introducing the basics of algebra and geometry and improving reading and writing. This will help the student improve their overall performance in these subjects.

Why Choose ClassRX Online Teaching?

Despite many people being unsure about online teaching, a recent survey found that 85% of online learners believed lessons to be at least as good as or better than classroom teaching. ClassRX offers STEM-based online tuition to a very high standard with tutors coming from top universities and who are specialists in their field. The online aspect of lessons at ClassRX allows students to organise lessons at their convenience on a secure platform. Other benefits include online whiteboards, secured document sharing and an in-built feedback system. All this along with regular tests ensure that students' standards are kept high making learning at ClassRX the ideal choice.

Beyond the obvious career opportunities afforded to those with coding experience, being able to code gives people creative, critical and analytical skills useful in all walks of life. With many people wanting to learn to code yet wanting to study at their own pace, ClassRX offers the perfect opportunities for coding to be learnt in a safe, informative, and personalised manner, by professionals in the field. Start your child on a rewarding Scratch coding course today!

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