Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Private Tutor

Online Tutoring

In the new, post-pandemic reality, technology turned out to be our greatest ally. With the help of the ubiquitous internet, we were able to save our economy through home-office work routine and video meetings. It’s clearer than ever that online tutoring is the future of education.

Our education systems haven’t changed too much since Victorian times. For hundreds of years, schools have struggled with the same problems. These issues, with the help of technology and a shift in people’s mentality, are finally to be overcome.

Yet, before you decide to hire your online private tutor, you should get to know online teaching better. You’re about to find out:

  1. How can you know if a tutor is well-qualified?

  2. What’s important when choosing a tutoring agency?

  3. Why should you ask the tutor about a demo session availability?

  4. How to decide between homeschooling and private tutoring?

  5. Which problems of education does online tutoring solve?

and much more. Here are the top 10 questions to ask before you make the decision to turn to a private tutor.

1. What Are the Benefits of Online Tutoring?

The structure of education has remained more or less untouched throughout the last few centuries. Today, schools struggle with many a problem: overpopulated classes, unqualified teachers, inefficient funding.

It wouldn’t be controversial to state that private tutoring is superior to teaching in class. Private tutors have the liberty to adjust the teaching schedule and pace to a student’s individual needs.

According to the NHS, teenagers need from 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, early school hours prevent many students from getting enough rest. Private tutoring has another advantage over schools: it’s flexible.

Furthermore, online teaching eliminates virtually all disturbances of a physical class. With no distracting chatter around, students can focus more easily and learn at a faster pace. We can thank technology for all of these benefits.

2. Is the Tutor’s Background Appropriate?

A tutor’s background is a crucial factor that one needs to check. Many high school or university students offer peer-to-peer tutoring classes, yet most of them haven’t got any appropriate background or experience in teaching.

To get the best results, it’s a good idea to hire a private tutor who’s either a lecturer or a university’s alumni. This way, students can get professional help in getting ready for, for instance, their admissions tests.

To guarantee the expert quality of teaching, ClassRx always does the background checks, so that you can be certain of the teacher’s professionalism and experience. Apart from that, another essential aspect one ought to check is a tutor’s academic qualifications.

3. What Are the Tutor’s Academic Qualifications?

In other words, academic qualifications are all about a private tutor’s background in education. When looking for an online tutor through a tutoring agency, additional steps are undertaken on the side of the agency to make sure that a tutor is a good pick.

For instance, tutors go through multiple rounds of the vetting process, including an interview, tests, demo sessions, and academic checks. Private teachers from ClassRx have backgrounds in Oxford, Cambridge, and Russell Group in the UK, while the US tutors are Ivy League, MIT, Stanford, and Chicago University alumni.

This is to ensure the right tutor is assigned to the client. Hence, a qualified tutor is tailored to a client’s - a student’s - individual needs, level of education, and schedule.

4. Are the Tutoring Services Confidential?

Competition in school can, on the one hand, motivate students to excel and get good grades. Unfortunately, on the other hand, this phenomenon has more than a few drawbacks.

School education system lacks confidentiality. Everybody knows everything, which may, in fact, demotivate students and lead to psychological issues such as depression or simple lack of ambition.

Privacy is an important issue, and taking good care of each client’s data is absolutely paramount. Especially contemporarily, when information is the most valued currency and multi-million companies compete to gather their users’ data. Maintaining clients’ confidentiality should be of utmost importance to private tutors, both individuals and those from a tutoring agency.

5. Will the Tutor do a Better Job Than a Parent?

Some parents decide to teach their kids on their own. Sure, this decision has a veneer of merits. The parent-child bond is likely to grow deeper, a parent’s authority is possibly going to increase, and the caregivers will have total control over their offspring’s education. However, many parents have neither qualifications nor time to take care of their progeny’s schooling.

Private online tutoring is by far the best alternative to homeschooling. First of all, parents are still in control over their kid’s learning process. Moreover, if they turn to a professional tutoring agency, they can rest assured that the tutor is a qualified expert.

By choosing an online private tutor, parents can also save their time, handing the responsibility over to an experienced teacher. Additionally, in some cases, it might be beneficial to keep the student-tutor relationship more formal to increase the efficiency of the teaching process.

6. Is Online Tutoring a Good Pick for Your Child/Student?

Of course, each child has different learning habits and grasps new information and skills at a different pace. For this reason alone, you should give up on one-size-fits-all classes and think about the importance of tailored lessons.

This notion is, more often than not, overlooked by traditional schools with up to 30-student classes. Children have different talents, which makes this universal education system futile in many cases, often killing a student’s potential in its cradle.

Sure, your child or student might do just fine at school without any additional help. Before deciding whether or not online tutoring is a good pick for the kid, make sure to talk to the student first and ask them what they think about this idea.

7. Does the Tutor Offer Demo Sessions?

A good purchase is one meditated upon beforehand. It’s good to see what we buy before we pay for it. If you’re here, you’re likely to look for paid, professional private tutors instead of inexperienced beginners.

For the clients’ comfort, ClassRx offers demo sessions with private tutors. Henceforth, a client can see how the child or student responds to the teacher, if they get along, and if the advertised service is indeed worth the money.

8. What Can Online Tutoring Offer You?

When preparing for entrance exams or trying to excel at school, it’s necessary for the student to get the best out of teaching. A tutor is but a sculptor wielding a chisel, the student being their masterpiece.

Don’t ask yourself what you can offer online tutoring, but what online tutoring can offer you. The obvious benefits are better grades and tailored teaching plan, which can only add to a student’s confidence - a crucial factor when taking an important exam.

In case of making a deal with a private tutor or a tutoring agency, put your signature on the contract only when you’re sure that the teachers will meet your demands. It’s usually a good choice to turn to a professional agency rather than individual teachers since they have more experience and can guarantee better services - and outcomes.

9. Are the Services Good Value for Money?

Private online tutoring is a growing industry in the world of education. More and more students find online classes convenient and effective. Obviously, good-quality services that bring about positive results aren’t pro bono.

The prices vary, depending on if it's a 1-to-1 tutor you’ve got on your mind or some other online teaching services, for example, mock exams or test preparation. It’s important to ask yourself if the tutoring agency is worth the money. Pay attention to such aspects as demo session availability, teachers’ academic background and qualifications, and client confidentiality.

Another yardstick of making sure you spend your money wisely is comparing before-and-after grades of a student. If one private tutor turns out to be ineffective, remember - there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

10. Does the Tutor Understand Your Requirements?

As we’ve already established, it’s about what private tutoring can give you. Only through tailored online classes can the teacher see eye to eye with their student.

There is a myriad of reasons one needs help from an online tutor: prepare for a school admission test, get ready for a final exam, or try to get better grades at school. When a teacher understands their pupil’s goals and objectives they’re able to focus on what’s truly meaningful and adjust the learning process to individual requirements and demands.


The education system we all know hasn’t changed too much throughout the last couple of centuries. In the post-pandemic reality, a novel teaching method is gaining momentum: private online tutoring. This new way of educating students addresses a plethora of problems that traditional education systems couldn’t handle.

Online tutoring guarantees an individual approach to a student so that they can achieve their goals and excel at school or university. When thinking about getting a private tutor for your child or student, there are a few things to pay attention to.

A professional tutor or agency should offer confidentiality of their clients’ data. Private tutors should address the students’ needs and have background-checked academic qualifications. Demo classes are also a way of making sure that a teacher’s services are of good value for money.

As a tutoring agency, ClassRx takes good care of these details to provide the best teaching services to the clients. More questions will arise as you go. You can visit a community-driven forum and see what others have to say. Otherwise, get in touch with us - we’ll do our best to answer your doubts and rid you of concerns.