Top 10 reasons why achieving good grades matters in life

Whatever you’ve heard about the grading system, know this – it matters.

Getting top grades in school can open doors to so many exciting and fulfilling challenges, whether they be in education, at work or through social activities.

A good grade will give your child confidence, a strong work ethic, and drive and determination. It can enable them to receive valuable scholarships, a place at an amazing university, an exciting graduate job and great friends.

At ClassRx, we bring out the best in our students through dedicated online tutoring sessions. We’ve highlighted ten reasons why getting top marks on tests and assignments does matter.

  • Good grades can improve a child’s confidence, in turn improving their grades and social life; Despite contrary reports, grades are still one of the most important aspects when it comes to securing a job;

  • Getting good grades can set a person up for life, boosting their lifetime earnings, their friendship circles and their personality;

  • Online tutoring can help your child reach the grades you know they are capable of and set them on the right path;

  • Our focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning will ensure your child learns the skills today’s universities and employers demand.

1. Good grades can boost confidence

Surprisingly, when it comes to a lot of young people’s confidence, it isn’t appearance or status that matters – it’s their grades.

A recent survey from the University of Michigan revealed a whopping 80 per cent of students got their confidence from their academic performance.

The better grades kids receive, the more confident they feel to put their hand up and answer questions, ask for help, socialise, and generally challenge themselves to achieve more.

If you are looking to boost your child’s confidence, online tutoring can improve their assurance and give them the one-on-one tutoring and dedicated time they need to become more certain.

2. The criticism of the grading system isn’t all true

Yes, it’s right that grades aren’t the be-all and end-all, and they don’t define you.

Indeed, as time progresses, you may find yourself being judged more on the skills you’ve built up, your work experience, your hobbies and your character – particularly as you advance in your career and apply for jobs.

However, while there are criticisms of the grading system, the grades your child receives do matter a great deal, and are arguably the most important factor in their education.

Earning the best grades your child can set them on the right path, helping to open doors to a place at a distinguished university, a successful career and lots of exciting opportunities.

In short, your child cannot rely on the mantra that ‘grades don’t matter later’ and use it as an excuse not to work hard in school.

3. Better grades can lead to more scholarships

Whether your child is looking to secure a place at a distinguished private school or one of the world’s finest universities, money could prove to be a stumbling block.

Sure, your child has the intelligence and the drive to succeed, but what if they lack the necessary funding? Receiving a scholarship can ensure your child studies without the fear of running up debts.

Colleges look at grades when deciding whether or not to fund students, so ensuring your child gets the best marks can recognise the costs of their university or high school being covered.

4. Leads to fun opportunities

Putting in a lot of effort and commitment would be cruel if there was no reward.

Achieving top grades will mean your child will, in turn, receive some fantastic opportunities in school, from exciting field trips to being part of the National Honour Society.

However, you could also look to incentivise them at home – entice them to achieve good grades with the promise of a new toy, a fun trip or an item they’ve been wanting for some time.

This will show your child that working hard yields the kinds of rewards that slacking doesn’t.

5. Open the door to good college and university places

Admissions officers around the world approach applications with the same mindset – good grades show a success.

If your child has hopes of gaining a place at one of the globe’s most eminent institutions, their school grades will be the most determining factor in whether or not they win a place.

The best universities have at least twice as many applicants as they have spaces – good grades can help your child be one of those lucky few.

6. Increase drive and perspective in college

If your child is still in junior or secondary school, ingraining the importance of achieving good grades now will pay dividends when it comes to their further education.

There will be times during college and university where your child will be tested, whether it be with their dissertations or with managing multiple workloads.

Succeeding beforehand and getting top grades will give them the drive and determination they need to negotiate these hurdles.

7. Good grades matter to employers

After your child has graduated, they’ll be looking to secure an exciting job in a career they love. However, at this point, they may not have any work experience to boost their prospects.

The only way to impress their prospective employers is through the grades they’ve achieved at school and in university.

To an employer, good grades not only show intelligence, but they also show discipline, good character, commitment and a commendable work-rate. They’re indicators that they can trust your child to deliver in the role and make a valuable contribution.

In the US, 67 per cent of companies said they screen candidates by their grade point average (GPA), according to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Meanwhile, the UK reports that there is a tough competition for entry-level jobs, and anyone graduating with low Second or Third Class Honours are at a disadvantage.

Achieving high grades and graduating with good marks will show to employers you can tackle important tasks and rise to the challenge.

At ClassRx, our focus on STEM learning will also prove highly beneficial – according to the US Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17 per cent.

8. They can help when it comes to fine margins

Sometimes in life, it’s all about having that extra ten per cent. Whatever the competition, having that tiny advantage over your rivals can make the difference between victory and coming up short.

This is especially true when it comes to getting good grades.

For example, in today’s increasingly competitive job market, what if the only difference between your child and another applicant is their grades? It’s a similar scenario that could also arise when applying for elite universities.

Working extra hard to achieve the best grades possible may help your child stand out from the pack and be triumphant in tightly-contested situations.

If you are looking to help your child get that extra 10 per cent needed to get the grades they deserve, our online tutoring is designed to give them the academic knowledge and confidence boost they need.

9. Top grades can make a big difference to lifetime earnings

Yes, achieving consistently high grades will benefit you for life, not just during your education.

It’s been proven that people who get good grades earn more money throughout their careers.

Not only does this apply when achieving further qualifications (such as a Master’s degree or a PhD), it’s even applicable if your child left studies behind after finishing high school.

Receiving education in STEM learning will also aid this, with STEM workers earning 26 per cent more than those without a STEM background.

10. Better grades, better friends

There isn’t just a monetary and occupational benefit to achieving better grades – there’s also a social aspect.

Working hard in school will see your child gravitate towards a similar group of kids. These in-school friendships will then be achievement-orientated and see them spend time studying together, pushing each other on to succeed.

Numerous studies have been conducted that show students are likely to improve their GPA if they have friends who have good grades.

STEM learning and online tutoring

If your child is struggling to get the grades you know they’re capable of, ClassRx is here to help.

Online tutoring is safe, flexible, fun and produces great results. Our tutors not only go through a stringent selection policy and safety check, but they also bring with them experiences of teaching at institutions as distinguished as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton and more.

Our tutors will work with your child at a pace and time that suits them, building their confidence and helping with them the questions and queries they perhaps don’t have the confidence or time to ask in class.

We provide training in a range of tests and examinations, as well as focusing on the increasingly important aspects of STEM learning.

By signing up to ClassRx’s online tutoring, your child will get the focused, bespoke learning that’ll reap long-term benefits.

Does your child need a little help getting the good grades they deserve? Get in touch and we’ll give them the skills needed to succeed.

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