Top 20 Interview Questions & How to Answer (Sample Answers Included) for 11+ & 13+ School Admissions

Schools like to know their students inside out even before they become their pupils. Interviews with prospective students are becoming common among private schools. It’s best to get prepared for these interview questions and have some answers prepared beforehand.

The interviewers want to get to know the student, their interests and abilities. Mathematical brain teasers are ubiquitous in school admission interviews. By gathering some general information about a pupil’s hobbies and attitude, the school wants to assess one’s potential.

What’s important when preparing for school admissions interview questions?

  1. Treat the Ice-Breaker Questions as a Warmup to Make You Feel Comfortable

  2. Remember to Enter the Interview with a Positive Mindset

  3. Prepare Yourself to the Interview by Skimming Through Common Questions and Answers

  4. Feel Free to Talk about Your Hobbies and Show Passion

  5. Don’t Lie and Be Yourself

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What kinds of questions can you expect?

Ice-Breaker Questions

Tell me about yourself

Don’t look for catches or try to give any elaborate answers on who you are. Keep in mind that the icebreaker questions are to make you more open and comfortable. A few words about yourself will suffice.

Skim through some common ice breaker questions and prepare your answers beforehand. That way, you’ll know what to expect.

What are your strengths?

Don’t be shy and tell them what you’re good at - yet remember about humility. The interviewers won’t expect you to deliver a speech about your upsides. A few skills will tell the interviewers which area of expertise would be suitable for you. Are you more conscientious, do you understand people without words, or maybe you’re great at logical thinking?

What are your weaknesses?

As one of the ice-breaker questions, it’s to give a general outlook on your advantages and disadvantages. Do keep it moderate. Feel free to say what you sometimes find difficult, but don’t give an elegy on your drawbacks.

Why do you want to apply for this school?

It might be difficult to find the right answer for this question off the top of your head. Think this through beforehand. Is it a great reputation, the school’s location, or remarkable facilities? Maybe it’s the focus on particular subjects that will lay the foundation for your future? Give it a think and be honest without sugarcoating the interviewers.

Academic Math Riddles, Brain Teasers, & Science

Math Riddles

Math riddles aren’t exactly the same questions you’ll see on math tests and exams. The ones you’ll come across on school admission interviews check your logical thinking. Beware of a catch!

Here’s an example of one such a math riddle:

Q: Add me to myself and multiply by 4.

Divide me by 8 and you will have me once more.

What number am I?

A: Any number.

As you see, math riddles don’t require you know any formulas - just your mind!

Brain Teasers

Similarly to math riddles, brain teasers are to put your logical thinking to a test. Here’s an example:

Q: How far can a rabbit run into the woods?

A: Halfway. After that, he is running out of the woods.

Go through examples of brain teasers to prepare yourself for the interview. Here’s another one:

Q: What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a hundred years?

A: The letter M.

Be ready for catches and try to think outside the box.


School admission interview questions may touch upon the topics of physics, chemistry, and biology. They too can be out-of-the-box questions, beyond the standards of ‘usual questions.’ Watch out of the catches:

Q: Which tyre doesn’t move when a car turns right?

A: The spare tyre.

During the school admission interview, you aren’t supposed to have any ‘traditional knowledge.’ The questions intend to try out your brain. Are you ready for some riddles under pressure?

Positive Attitude

What motivates you to learn?

We all have something that makes us get up from bed in the morning. Getting an education is all for a reason. You’ve got your dreams that school may help you accomplish.

This question is about your positive attitude to learning and ambitions. There may be many reasons that motivate you to study.

How do you approach challenges?

What are your strategies? Are you better at taking up impromptu projects or do you prefer to have your plans outlined? When faced with a challenge, what happens in your head? The interviewers will certainly be impressed if you have an optimistic outlook on new challenges.

Do you like learning?

Just be honest. If you love it, then say it, and show your enthusiasm. If you find learning troublesome, then try to turn the question around. Tell the interviewers about how you overcome the difficulties and laziness. Being motivated despite the tempting inertia is a positive trait too!

Tell me about a problem you’ve recently come across. How did you solve it?

The interviewers love the students’ stories. You must have come across some problems lately. Be it at home or with friends. It might be a troublesome situation or a logical problem. Either way, elaborate on how you overcame hurdles and found the right solution.

Hobbies & Reading Habits

What are your hobbies?

Our passions define us. The extracurricular classes or clubs you attend after school influence your character. One can tell a lot about a person judging by their hobbies. Sport, chess, or woodworking - they all teach you something you can be proud of!

If you didn’t have to go to school, how would you spend your days?

Your hobbies bring you meaning and joy. Unfortunately, the responsibility and homework that comes along with school takes a lion’s share of your time. Some find school but a distraction from their true passions. What is it that you would do all the time if school wasn’t compulsory?

Do you like reading?

With the advent of distracting technology, fewer and fewer people reach for books in their leisure time. Finding joy in reading is a sought-after skill among youngsters. Though it’s a yes-or-no question, try to elaborate on your reading habits a bit more. How often do you read, maybe you have got a reading ritual, with a cup of good tea right beside you? Make it interesting!

What books do you enjoy?

Literature is full of subcategories and niches. Every bookworm has their own favourite author or series of books. Some adore biographies, others prefer fiction. Your favourite titles can tell the interviewers a great deal about you!

Ambitions & Future

What do you want to learn in this school?

Keep in mind that school is not only about learning formulas and reading set books. Going to school is supposed to teach you soft skills. Leadership or time management will all turn out to be extremely useful in adult life.

Had it not been enough, your school is the place where you socialize and interact with your friends. It’s an important part of your development.

Who do you want to be in your future?

You may have exact plans for your life - school, college, then a certain profession. But what if you’re sure who you want to be in your future?

This shouldn’t worry you during a school admission interview. Even if you don’t know your exact vocation just yet, you’ve got your hobbies. If you like animals, then you might say that you want to work with animals in the future - and that’s fine.

Your answers don’t have to be definitive. In fact, if you have many interests and don’t know which one to choose, it means you’re rather creative and open-minded. There are no bad answers to this question, so don’t worry.

Who do you look up to?

In other words - who’s your hero? Your role model can be related to the career you wish to pursue - a politician, a journalist, a doctor. The person you look up to might as well be connected to the hobby you take up in your free time - an athlete or a musician.

Your parents or teachers can be your role models too. When you answer this school admission interview question, always give argumentation for your choice. Why do you find a particular person inspiring? How did you first find out about them? What impresses you most?

Which skills would you like to improve?

Similarly to the advantages-and-drawbacks questions, this question tests your critical thinking. You aren’t supposed to scold yourself. By recognizing the areas in which you wish to improve, you show that you’re capable of being self-critical. Such a mindset is a desirable one among prospective students.

School Admission Interviews - Final Thoughts

Getting ready for your school admission interview is a big deal. If you don’t want stress to overflow you during the interview, take proper measures to prepare for it. Skimming through exemplary questions and trying to answer them beforehand is a great strategy.

More often than not the question fall into one of these categories:

● Ice-Breaker Questions

● Academic Math Riddles, Brain Teasers, & Science

● Positive Attitude

● Hobbies & Reading Habits

● Ambitions & Future

If you spend enough time preparing for the school admission interview, it should be a piece of cake. The more confident you’ll be about yourself, the better.

Professional help of private tutors is a huge head start. Get in touch with ClassRx and start preparing for your school admission interview now.